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I had learnt not to trust titles after I recently picked up 50 shades of gray hoping to find a book demonstrating 50 shades of gray, but this book projects its point across perfectly. This is indeed a book filled with Terrible Old Games I've never heard of.
A brilliant book by a brilliant author (and youtuber)! Would recommend to friendd and family! Thanks Stuart!!
I am a massive fan of the Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of video series, and this book is just as beautiful and funny as the videos. It's very well written, highly informative and interesting, is bursting with content and the typo on Page 58 doesn't ruin it in the slightest!
Received this book a couple of days ago and i haven't been able to put it down since. A must buy for any Ashens fan or even a video gamer.
Arrived today and superb, sturdy book made of what looks like paper with a solid cover (maybe cardboard) not the usual tat. Now if only there was somebody who could review it and put a video up on the internet somehow...... Great work Stuart......... * here is an extra star so I give this 6 stars......if you have not got this book, go and buy it now.
I am exceedingly well pleased with the final product. The paper quality is first rate, everything is beautifully presented, and Ashens' wry humour is always spot on. I'm happy to have funded this fantastic book.
One of the most entertaining books I've read in 2015 from a great YouTuber
Publication date: December 2015
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