Ashael Rising

By Shona Kinsella

A tribal medicine woman must learn the truth of her past and the extent of her abilities to protect her people from invaders.

Thursday, 8 September 2016


So, this week, as well as working on the final few content edits before the manuscript goes for copyediting, I'm also starting to think about cover design.

I'm really excited about this process. It's my understanding that in traditional publishing, the author gets very little say in the cover design, while with unbound it's a very collaborative process. So I got a questionnaire to complete, giving my thougts on different aspects of the cover design and one of the choices I have to make is whether or not Ashael should appear on the front cover.

I'm really torn about this so I thought I would throw the question open to you, my supporters and soon-to-be readers. Should Ashael be in the cover? Do you prefer to see the main character on a book cover? Let me know your thoughts!


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Matt Clarke
 Matt Clarke says:

I would say yes, I think Ashael should be on the cover. But I would like to see her against a background of the cam, which is such a striking visual for me when I read those opening chapters. (I'm a graphic designer myself so forgive this detailed answer, but I can definitely picture the scene: Ashael standing near the fire pit in the centre of the cam, with the huge trees rising up all around her. The fire providing some orangey light to the overall scene...then, to show the threat from the bad guys, maybe show shadowy figures approaching from outside of the cam...)
Getting a little carried away, but I think something like that would be very cool, but see what other ideas you have, because cover design is very open, there's many potential compositions that could work for your story!

posted 9th September 2016

Andrew Burleson
 Andrew Burleson says:

I like Matt's idea. The first picture that came to mind for me was her being basically crushed by light in the transformation scene at the solstice. The second was her crossing the mountains on her way back, maybe seeing an Agnikant. A sweeping landscape / panorama type image could work too.

posted 9th September 2016

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