Ashael Rising

By Shona Kinsella

A tribal medicine woman must learn the truth of her past and the extent of her abilities to protect her people from invaders.

Monday, 29 August 2016

A Day in the Life

Today, I thought I would share a day in my life. Last Monday, I took notes throughout the day of everything I was doing in order to give you a glimpse into my day as a stay-at-home mum and full-time writer.

My alarm went off at 06:20 am and I pressed the snooze button twice before pulling myself out of bed at 06:40. While in the shower, I started thinking ahead to the launch of Ashael Rising. At this point, it seems likely to launch sometime in October or November. At that time, I should be just settling into the new flat and I’ll be heavily pregnant. So, I want to organise as much as I can in advance.

I got the kids up at 07:00 and started looking up Virtual Launch Parties while they used the bathroom. Then I chased my 2yo around the upstairs, trying to get her washed and dressed. When she was finally fully clothed, it was into the kitchen to make breakfast and pack lunch for my 10yo. While eating breakfast, I checked the recipe and ingredients for dinner while cajoling the kids into eating.

Eventually, it was time to take the 10yo to school. After dropping her off, I went for a walk with the little one before picking up some shopping on the way home. Time to wash the breakfast dishes and tidy up before e-mailing our lawyer about our home purchase, organising more packing materials and calling my mum to check in.

Made a snack for the 2yo then drafted the blog post about editing and responded to some e-mails organising author interviews for the blog, all while trying to keep 2yo entertained.

Time for lunch and some much needed caffeine!

After lunch I tried to talk the 2yo into a nap but insisted she wasn’t tired so we compromised; I let her lie on the couch and watch some TV for a while. Finished the editing post and published it then made notes for Wednesday’s post. Started looking at software for designing a fantasy map for Ashael Rising and felt totally overwhelmed by it. Had to put the laptop away to get 10yo from school then help with homework and do some more housework.

While I made dinner I listed to a couple of episodes of Writing Excuses and made mental notes about book two, which I have a rough outline for but have yet to start writing,

My husband came home from work and we all sat down to dinner, chatting about our day. Then I took the 10yo out to Judo class, while hubby got the 2yo ready for bed. When I got home, I sat down with a cup of tea and finished reading Blind Side. I wrote the review for that while hubby went to pick up 10yo after Judo. Then I drafted the author interview with Kate Dreyer, responded to some more e-mails, completed my own interview for BetaBooks and got to work on a map.

I finally put my laptop away for the day at about 22:00, had a glass of milk in an attempt to counteract the heartburn that has been my constant companion for the last few weeks and started reading Momento Mori, also for review.

Around 22:30 I called it a night and was sound asleep by 23:00.

Last Monday was a fairly busy day bit nothing particularly out of the ordinary. I have no idea how some authors manage to juggle writing and a day job and a family life because two out of three is tricky enough for me!

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