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Ashael seeks allies from across KalaDene, a journey that could cost her everything, while the Zanthar face interference from Zan before resuming their conquest of Ashael’s world.

A month has passed since the events of the solstice and Ashael has found some peace with the Agnikant. They have given her time to heal and to begin learning the magic of Agni but the respite is coming to an end. A Zanthar attack on the home of the Agnikant sets Ashael and Iwan on a journey to bring warning to the people of KalaDene and recruit old allies if they can. But the journey will cost her dearly.

Daven and Meegrum find their plans of conquest stalled with the arrival of Cenric - Daven’s nemesis and the king’s son-in-law. Limited in their ability to feed and use magic, they must rid themselves of Cenric before turning once more to the subjugation of KalaDene, but things haven’t been the same for Meegrum since the solstice. He’s changing. Can he find a solution before Daven notices?

Can Ashael bring the people of KalaDene together and defeat the Zanthar once and for all? And can she do it without losing herself?

Shona Kinsella is the author of The Vessel of KalaDene series (Unbound), illustrated epic fantasy serial, Miranya’s Oath (Patreon) and dark modern fantasy Petra MacDonald and the Queen of the Fae (Fox Spirit Books). She is also joint editor of the British Fantasy Society’s fiction publication, BFS Horizons. She lives near Loch Lomond with her husband and three children. On the rare occasions she’s not writing or wrangling children, she can usually be found with her nose in a book. Find out more about Shona and her writing at or follow her on Twitter ( or Facebook (


*** Please note, this excerpt contains spoilers for Book one of the series, Ashael Rising. If you haven’t read that yet, you may wish to read the excerpt here instead:

Ashael smiled as she scraped some heiro moss from the rock in front of her. It had been a lucky find, it didn’t usually grow as high as this in the mountains. She tucked some of the infection-fighting moss into her travel pouch and then looked around carefully, marking the location in her memory. Iwan sat on a rock opposite her, drinking from his water skin. Ashael watched the muscles move in his throat, letting her gaze wander up his neck, over the line of his jaw and to his face. She felt a deep peace just looking at him.

‘We should probably start heading back,’ she said, tucking her stone foraging knife into her belt.

Iwan stood and offered his hand, pulling her to her feet, before he stooped and lifted the hares that he had trapped that morning.

‘Will you be training with Tchalikila later?’ he asked after they had been walking for a few minutes.

‘No,’ Ashael answered. ‘She thinks I’ve been working too hard. She insisted that I take a few days to rest and do other things. I offered to help your mother make tunics today. She does so much for me.’

‘As far as mother is concerned, she can never repay her debt to you.’

‘You know how I feel about that,’ Ashael said, sharply. ‘There is no debt.’

‘I know,’ Iwan said, leaning in to kiss Ashael’s cheek, ‘but you gave her freedom. She’s never going to agree with you.’


Drafting pains

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Hi everyone, 

I hope that life is treating you all well. I've had my hands full with a couple of sick kids over the festive period, soem health issues of my own and car troubles. Life likes to keep me on my toes! 

With all of that going on, I'm a bit further behind in the draft than I exoected to be - in that I'm still writing when I had planned to finish by now! Only some of the blame lies…

Merry Christmas!

Monday, 24 December 2018

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Around here, the Christmas preparations have been keeping me busy. The kids have had lots of things on at school and social clubs they go to and we’ve been making decorations and baking and having a birthday party for our son who was two this month. 

In anongst all that, I have managed to do some writing. I wrote the hardest scene I’ve had to do yet and I may have shed a tear or two…

Short Story

Thursday, 13 December 2018

I thought you might be interested in reading some short ficiton that I have out just now. It's not related to Ashael's story but it does have a similar flavour, I think. Anyway, it's being published in four parts on The Fantasy Hive and here is a link to Part 1:

If you read it, I'd love to hear what you think so…

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