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Cover of ARTICLE Issue One Collector's Edition

A beautiful, new, ad-free magazine celebrating British fashion and culture

PLEASE NOTE: The first issue of ARTICLE is in production, so if you pledge now your name will not be listed in the first issue of the magazine.

Why a new fashion magazine?
We’re tired of huge magazines that are 80% advertising for luxury brands. British style and fashion magazines weren’t always like that (think of The Face and iD). We think British readers deserve something better, smarter and more creative.

What is ARTICLE?
ARTICLE is a bi-annual men’s lifestyle magazine we plan to launch in Spring/Summer 2013 if we get your support. It will celebrate Britain’s contribution to fashion, art, design and culture.

With the recession has come a new way of purchasing. Now it’s all about quality not quantity. It’s about unique details, interesting and beautiful designs that transcend seasonal trends and clothes that reflect the character of the wearer.

The focus of is on British luxury brands, designers and artisans, who will feature through a series of witty, candid and informative editorials together with photo stories that are carefully art directed and conceived.

Without the pressure of having to please advertisers, we are free to do and say what we want. ARTICLE will showcase the names and ideas that are creating the British force in global fashion, art and design. We will also ask notable figures around the globe to give their take on British lifestyle and culture.

What makes it different to other mens’s lifestyle mags?
The visual design is more bespoke and fine art than generic, using artists, illustrators and fine art photographers as well as graphic designers to create the look. The aim is for each issue of ARTICLE to become a collector’s item, for example, we will ask Paul Smith to work with Supermundane to create the look for one edition with exclusive drawings and features. The print run will be limited: readers will feel part of the ARTICLE tribe rather than simply passive consumers.

Why would women want to read it?
We will build a team of contributors that write about men’s concerns and lifestyle in a balanced, witty and intelligent way. This will give women a genuine insight into the male mind and interests. Also, women enjoy reading about men’s fashion and stealing ideas…

Why Unbound?
By asking our readers to participate in funding, we are also offering the opportunity to contribute ideas and concepts so they can help to shape future issues of ARTICLE. Again, our aim is not to just gather readers, but create a community who share their energy and love for British style and culture with each other and form part of a historical moment in publishing: ARTICLE is the first ever crowd-funded biannual men’s fashion/culture/lifestyle magazine of its kind.

Readers who participate in funding the project also gain exclusive access to additional content virtually and in print, as well as the limited edition 'Collector’s cover' of ARTICLE magazine with bespoke foiled casing.


Kenny Ho, Creative Director & Fashion Director
Since graduating from art school in the 90s, Kenny fast became the go-to stylist for music and celebrity, working with legendary artists from David Bowie and Beyoncé to The Spice Girls; and from Cate Blanchett, David Beckham to Orlando Bloom. He has contributed to fashion titles worldwide including Vogue, Tatler, GQ, Esquire, Flaunt, Madam Figaro China, Intersection and Palladium magazines.

Rosy Tsai, Art Direction & Design
Rosy studied MA Communication Design at Kingston University and since then has worked extensively in high-end luxury fashion. This includes designing the magazine for Liberty’s of London; the Swarovski in-house magazine 1895; brochures and advertising for Williams & Son as well as look books for Top Shop and emerging fashion designer Shao Yen. She also developed a soon-to-launch signature pattern for Kurt Geiger and Lane Crawford.

John-Michael O’Sullivan, Fashion & Design Writer
John-Michael is a London-based architect and writer. A graduate of University College Dublin, he was worked in London, Dublin and Milan, and has designed retail concepts for clients including John Rocha, Fortnum & Mason, Waterford Crystal, Mercedes Benz and Crombie. For the past four years he has written on fashion and design for a range of international publications as well as reporting from fashion weeks; he also writes on film, literature and fashion history on his own blog 1972projects.

Sarah Martin, Art Writer
Sarah is Head of Exhibitions at Turner Contemporary in Margate. She has also worked at Camden Arts Centre, London as an Exhibitions Organiser and the Baltic in Gateshead as Assistant Curator. She studied at the Universities of Essex and Sussex.

Samantha Lyster, Feature Writer
Samantha started writing about rave culture for fanzines before training as a news reporter to cover, 'drugs, guns and misery' She was one of the first journalists in the UK to report on New York’s 9/11. While working for The Times as an online editor she began writing on food and drink and is now deputy editor of Fresh Produce Journal and blogs at .

James Taylor, Feature Writer
Making people laugh is second nature to James, having grown up his whole life in show business learning the tricks of the trade from his comedian/producer father, Mike Lee Taylor. James works as a successful model for Calvin Klein, Nivea and Barbour, a highly sought after DJ and is now pursuing an acting career in America. He delivers his view on life in a witty, honest, and truthful fashion at

Click on read more to see sample pages from the first issue.

Issue One cover story: Actor David Frampton

Friday, 26 April 2013

Article 01 work in process

For our Issue One cover story, up-and-coming actor David Frampton talks to us about his rapidly growing career during a photo shoot on Waterloo's Lower Marsh.

With words by Thomas Hobbs, photography by Ben Harries.

Preview: The Shoe Snob Justin FitzPatrick

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Shoe group b

Here is a preview on our feature on The Shoe Snob Justin FitzPatrick. Not only do we look at his debut collection, Justin also gives us his expert view on shoe shine!

Fashion story preview: "Tides of Quiescence"

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Article 01 tides of quiescence

Here is the double page opener to our Issue One fashion story "Tides of Quiescence", photographed by the amazing Cameron McNee in Margate and Broadstairs. 

Which location in the UK do you think we should shoot for our Issue Two?

Grooming feature preview: "Side-lines"

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Article 01 sidelines

Here is a double page preview of our grooming shoot in Issue One called "Side-lines". Photographed by Neil Gavin with grooming direction by Paul Donovan

Signature exposed binding

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Img 6459

A signature detail of ARTICLE Magazine is the exposed binding, with coloured threads - what do you think should be the colour for the next issue?


Behind-the-Scenes: "Tides of Quiescence"

Monday, 22 April 2013

Img 5796

Here is another behind-the-scenes image from our fashion shoot in Issue One "Tides of Quiescence", lensed by the very talented Cameron McNee. 

We loved especially how he matched his own trousers to the sands of Broadstairs, creating an almost camouflaged effect.....


Behind-the-Scenes: Issue One fashion story

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Img 5793

Here is a behind-the-scenes image from our fashion story in Issue One, with the very talented photographer Cameron McNee on the lenses (while balancing on a boat)


Advance copies of Issue One have arrived!!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Img 6457

Some advance copies landed in the studio this weekend ahead of time!! 

The "Newsstand Edition" of Issue One will be on the shelves in London in less than a week. 

You can still order the "Collector's Edition" (with lots of extras bits, for the same price of the Newsstand Edition) at

Digitally proof "The Circular Project"

Friday, 19 April 2013

Img 5969

Here is our Art Director Rosy carefully checking over digital proofs in the studio. The artwork here are some images from our Issue One "Circular Project" collaboration with artist and architect Heidi Locher.

Behind the scenes

Friday, 19 April 2013

Img 5733

Here is a behind-the-scenes shot of actor David Frampton with photographer Ben Harries during our feature shoot for Issue One. The news-stand edition of ARTICLE will be available in London in a weeks time!

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