Arbitrary and Unnecessary

By Daniel Piper

The debut collection of comedy short stories, poems and plays by writer, comedian and national poetry slam champion Daniel Piper.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Podcast + Award

Hello everyone! Hopefully by now you've all received your copies of my book. Some of you may have even finished it by now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just getting in touch about two things. Firstly, a lot of people have asked if I'll be recording an audiobook version of Arbitrary and Unnecessary. Well, I've decided to do just that - but with a twist. I'll be recording the entire book as a podcast, and reading one poem/story every day for 140 days starting next Monday. The Foreword is up already. So if you can bear the thought of hearing me read my book from start to finish, you can subscribe via Apple Podcasts or Spotify HERE

Secondly, nominations are now open for The Saboteur Awards. This is basically a little series of awards for the UK spoken word scene. They're not huge, but they're one of the only literary awards with open nominations, and it'd mean a lot for my book to be recognised (and for me to be able to fulfil my dream of adding "award-winning" to my website bio). Conveniently, the appropriate award for my book is at the very top of the list, Best Short Story Collection:

Less convenient is that you have to vote in at least 3 awards in order for your vote to be counted. I heartily recommend that you vote for Rhymes With Orange as the Best Regular Spoken Word Night. Even if you've never been, you can take my word for the fact that it is the best regular spoken word night. As for the third entry, well you COULD put my name under Best Spoken Word Performer. But then again, you could make up a funny name, like Gavin Seabass. You can vote HERE.

Thanks again for supporting a silly writer in his silly endeavors.


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