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The debut collection of comedy short stories, poems and plays by writer, comedian and national poetry slam champion Daniel Piper.

He’s been doing this for a while now and promoters keep asking if he has any merch to sell, so here - at long last - is the debut collection from writer, comedian and national poetry slam champion (almost world champion (he came second (first the worst, second the best))) Daniel Piper.

Arbitrary & Unneccessary contains over 150 pages of comedy short stories, poems and plays, as well as extracts from two smash-hit solo comedy shows, Daniel Piper Is In Four Gangs (2016) and Daniel Piper’s Day Off (2017).

Themes include: death, Eamonn Holmes, Jesus, Eastenders, vegetables, money, Phillip Schofield, dinosaurs, One Direction, Berocca, marriage, robots, Christmas, drugs, Michael Parkinson, James Bond, mortality and the dentist.

Daniel Piper is a writer and comedian.

He has been seen and heard on national TV and radio and has performed across the UK at festivals including Latitude, Bestival and Edinburgh International Book Festival. He has written and performed two smash-hit Edinburgh shows - Daniel Piper Is In Four Gangs (2016) and Daniel Piper's Day Off (2017).

Daniel is the 2017 Scottish National Poetry Slam champion. In May the same year, he came second in the world championships in Paris. He is following over 1,000 people on Twitter. 

“Undeniably funny” The Stage

"A clear front runner among up-and-coming comics” The Skinny

“Brilliant” Josie Long

It had been a long time since Phillip Schofield last looked in the mirror. He’d been very busy what with This Morning and Dancing On Ice and All Star Mr & Mrs and it wasn’t until he did look into the mirror one Tuesday morning that he realised he was no longer Phillip Schofield, the man.

At some point between now and the last time he had looked in the mirror (at least two months ago), he had become Phillip Schofield, the fish.

At first he was surprised. Why had nobody told me? He thought. Then he looked at his watch. Six-thirty! He had to be at the ITV studios in half-an-hour!

[I havent written the middle of this story. Im thinking that Phillip probably goes to work, people realise he’s a fish and there are all sorts of hi-jinks. I have written  the ending  though, because I know how I want it to end. All you need to know is that Phillip is now in a restaurant and at some point during the day he has changed his name to Fiship Scalefield]

The waiter approached. 

Are you ready to order, Mr Scalefield?

Fiship looked at the menu. 

Hmm. I’m not sure. Do you recommend anything? Let me see, said the waiter. The fish is good.

Fiship laughed. 

No thanks! He said. I think I’ve had enough fish for one day. I am one.



When I told the taxi driver I dabble in comedy, he told me to tell him a joke. I told him I don’t really do jokes, more like storytelling or poetry to be honest. He asked if I wanted to hear a joke about his penis but then said never mind actually, it’s too long. It’s a shame because I did want to hear it.


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