Apple Island Wife: Escape to Tasmania

By Fiona Stocker

What happens when you move to Tasmania on a hunch, with a husband who aspires to be an alpaca whisperer and a feral cockerel? Can you cook the cockerel for dinner, or has it got rigor mortis?

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Over halfway! Next stop the Pulitzers

Greetings from me and Bettina (on the left). It really is time for an update! And the huge news is that I'm well over half funded, at 62% as I write! That feels bloody marvellous. 

I've been taking all manner of advice, and keep popping out to events locally for inspiration. Last week I went to a meet up at the Launceston Town Hall - four guest speakers talking about how we can make northern Tasmania an even more sensational place than it already is. There was the business manager from MONA, our mind blowing Museum of Old and New Art down in Hobart, and the woman behind Tourism Tasmania's 'Go Behind the Scenery' advertising campaign. All had words of inspiration that gave the old brain cells a refresh. Furthermore, when I got home, some bloke I didn't know but whose group I had cheekily advertised to on Facebook had pledged, and put me up by 2% - thanks Steve Elliott! I shall have the afternoon off more often!! 

Crowdfunding is by turns an exhilarating and humbling experience. You never know who is going to get behind you. A couple of weeks ago I sent emails to a local Mayor, and a local Councillor, both of whom I've met briefly or spoken to on the phone, and both are staunch supporters of rural women, and rural endeavour generally, and believers in Tasmania. Both pledged within the day!! 

Neither of them come from my own municipality, I might add!! 

Yesterday I had a meeting with a very talented young woman who is the creator of a fantastic tourism venture here in the north east, on the Derby mountain bike trails that have just been voted the world's best biking experience. We had a discussion about my brand positioning and whether I'm doing it right. The upshot is that I'm not, really, but her help would cost a mozza, so I'm going to continue to make it up as I go along! 

That means relying on the help of you, my buddies and supporters! If you can bear to keep chatting to people about the book, what a marvellous read it's going to be, how exciting it is to be getting a Tasmanian book published by the world's first crowdfunding publisher of international repute, and getting some lovely, warm, relatable tales of Tasmanian life and living out there, then we'll make it for sure!

I'm confident I can get this over the line now, thanks to the support of your good selves. 

Unbound continues to bring great books to print that people want to read. Just this week, Matt Cain's 'The Madonna of Bolton', which was rejected by publishers for being 'too gay, too working class, too eighties pop culture' achieved 100% funding within a couple of weeks, with the story featured in the Guardian. Mainstream publishers just don't have all the answers any more, and very often don't get it right. I'm so glad to be with Unbound! 

I've used up my allocation of exclamation marks for this post so will have to go now. I hope you enjoy the gratuitous picture of me reading my last book, A Place in the Stockyard, to one of our pigs. She knows great literature when she hears it, that one, although I did have to bribe her with vegetable waste to get her to pose for the photograph. Never work with animals. 

Until next time! 

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