Apple Island Wife: Escape to Tasmania

By Fiona Stocker

What happens when you move to Tasmania on a hunch, with a husband who aspires to be an alpaca whisperer and a feral cockerel? Can you cook the cockerel for dinner, or has it got rigor mortis?

Monday, 25 June 2018

Nearly there! (Promise)

Hello you patient people! 

Every so often I bump into someone and they ask me, How is the book going? and I know there's a silent Or was it a thing of complete myth and whimsy? Because you know, it's been a while.

The good news is that Apple Island Wife is progressing steadily through the stages of edit, design and production, and we are so nearly there! 

My book, like most others, had three stages of edit - a structural edit, a copy edit and a round of proofreading. It is now as perfect as a freshly baked, plump and fragrant loaf and ready to be sliced, diced, bagged and soon, toasted and consumed by hungry readers! 

The final stages are upon us. The other day I filled out a Cover Design Questionnaire and I'm thrilled to say this now goes to top book jacket designer Mark Ecob for translation into a compelling and eye-catching cover. 

Also very thrillingly (and after this we can all lie down with a cup of tea), after months of careful emailing and polite, mischievous and well timed cajoling, a very busy and very generous man in England who is completely perfect for the choice of 'quote for the cover' has found time between doing his own book tour and media appearances to read the manuscript and write a blurb for Apple Island Wife. It came through last night as we were driving home from a pizza night with friends and even through my Pinot Noir goggles I could see that the complimentary things he had written were completely perfect. Want to know who? You'll have to wait for your copy! 

I haven't been told a date for publication but I'm saying August. Hold tight all, the Apple Island Wife is nearly upon us. Exciting times. 

Fiona x 


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