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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

As a writer, it's lovely to get onto the radio and be able to talk about your book, as it helps bring it alive - not just for readers and listeners, but for the author as well! Time passes between writing a book and getting it published, and very often you forget what you've written! 

So much so that I've made notes for myself on what's in each chapter, and spent a mad half hour leafing through these yesterday, before heading into Launceston and getting into the studio with my good friend and writers' club buddy Chris Sayer of City Park Radio.

City Park is a community radio station run by volunteers but my goodness Chris has that silken voiced presence down pat - "I've been doing it a long time" he says. And because it now streams every show live on the internet, the station has listeners all over the world. 

It was so pleasant, sitting there with the Southern hemisphere's spring sunshine flooding through the windows, in a beautiful heritage building in the park, chatting about blogging, books, getting published and how to peel a pheasant and other rural pursuits. Before we knew it, we'd talked for twenty minutes. 

Here's the clip! If I say so myself, it's easy listening, with unashamed plugs for Unbound, the Tamar Valley Writers Festival, and the idyll that is Tasmania. 

Chris was kind enough to hint that because there are so many stories in the book, about alpaca wrangling, yoga in the country, using a retired sheepdog to round up your children, and more, there might be the possibility of a regular guest spot. So if there's anything in particular you'd like to hear me talking about, now's your chance! Leave me a comment or a question, and if I'm asked back, I'll bring it up! 


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