Apple Island Wife: Escape to Tasmania

By Fiona Stocker

What happens when you move to Tasmania on a hunch, with a husband who aspires to be an alpaca whisperer and a feral cockerel? Can you cook the cockerel for dinner, or has it got rigor mortis?

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Apple Island Wife - review me!

It's been four months since the publication of Apple Island Wife and people are asking me how it's going. The bald fact is I don't know how well it's selling, but being published was a lifetime ambition and I'm loving it! 

We authors with Unbound get reported to - and paid - in April and October. Any minute now, I'll know whether I can dine out on success, or celebrating with a sandwich and a takeaway chai latte. 


One thing that helps in promoting books is reviews from readers. I'll tell you where and how in a minute. 

Some people have done this already and it's been fascinating seeing how the book resonates. 

  • For some it's the perfect easy read. One reader on holiday in Thailand had to wipe away the tears with her sarong - tears of laughter, although people on the beach were concerned. 
  • Shilpa read it in Mumbai. She once lived in Tasmania, and the memories of the landscape it evoked was a bitter-sweet experience. 
  • People have said it whetted their appetite for travel and put Tasmania on their bucket list. 
  • One or two picked up on themes like the different ways men and women think. 
  • Fi Cooper, a book blogger, said it reminded her of Driving Over Lemons, by Chris Stewart, and that is 'deserves to be just as widely read.' That's the book that inspired me. 

  • And then there was Pam, who thought the book un-Australian and gave it a one star stinker! 




Reviews are important because they encourage potential readers. One or two lines is great - it still counts as a review! A simple rating is also good - clicking on the star rating you think the book deserves. Anything of this ilk is greatly appreciated by your humble author! 

Here's how. 

You can review books wherever you buy them, whether that's Amazon, iBooks, Book Depository or wherever. Even if you haven't bought the book there but buy other stuff from time to time, you may still be able to post a review. 

The other place for reviews is Goodreads. This is like Tripadvisor but for books. 

If you have a moment, I hope you'll consider hopping online and posting something - anything! 

And if you're inspired to share the love and treat someone to a copy as a gift, Apple Island Wife is available in paperback to order in bookshops in the UK, and any moment now in Tasmania. Also from Book Depository with free international postage. Available as an e-book everywhere. 

Thanks for your time and happy reading! 



This lovely image is by Fi Cooper of the book  blog MakeWalkRead. 

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