Apple Island Wife: Escape to Tasmania

By Fiona Stocker

What happens when you move to Tasmania on a hunch, with a husband who aspires to be an alpaca whisperer and a feral cockerel? Can you cook the cockerel for dinner, or has it got rigor mortis?

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Apple Island Wife is up up up and away!

Dearest friends and pledgers, 

Monday was a momentous day, as Apple Island Wife was sent to print. At this very moment, copies for everyone who pledged are zipping across print machines in the UK. 

If you pledged for an eBook, look out for an email or message on your device very soon, telling you that Apple Island Wife is now available to you. 

If you pledged for a paperback, you will receive it direct or hear from me, we hope within the month. 

Can't remember what you pledged for? Ask me and I'll check! 

Due to some pre-release publicity, Apple Island Wife has appeared in the rankings on Amazon Australia - amazing! Unlikely though it may sound, it made number 2 one Sunday night in the Travel Australasia category, as I lay in bed watching agog. At one point it nestled alongside the likes of Bill Bryson and the Lonley Planet Guide and was described as a 'hot new release'. That was more excitement than normally occurs in my bedroom, I can assure you. 



None of this would be possible if it weren't for your help in getting me to publication in the first place, so once again, thank you for helping me realise this dream! If you'd like to help further, you can do so by posting a review after you've read it - on Goodreads, Amazon or wherever you normally find your books. 

Tag me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook too with a pic of the book if you're so inclined! @appleislandwife 

“Fiona Stocker is funny. Very funny. She also has an eye for the telling little details. I just loved this book.”   Pip Courtney, ABC Landline

Cheers for now!

Fiona x 

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