By Matt Thomas

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A comedy cyberpunk – parallel universes, zero point energy, kamikaze druids & Welsh world domination

Publication date: August 2021
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About the book

Stay-at-home deadbeat Kevin Jones finds himself kidnapped to an alternative reality where Wales is the single global superpower. Abducted from his mundane existence by the mysterious Gwen, she tells him powerful forces seek his destruction – he has to run or die. ‘The Tafia’ is after him, and they want to do more than leave a sheep’s head in his bed.

Gwen is a trans-world courier, a freelance operator surfing the backwaters of the Multiverse for the highest bidder. She’s a girl well used to breaking legs, as well as hearts – a girl with a past racing to catch up with her. Can she overcome her conscience, complete her mission and serve Kev up like a Christmas turkey for her dark clients to devour?

Kevin’s shady family are a whole flock of black sheep. Back in our world they’re small town criminals – gangsters straight out of Trumpton. Like most everything else in Gwen’s world they’ve had an upgrade. The mighty Jones Corporation runs a monopoly controlling the most valuable invention known to man. They’re not going to give it up without a fight. Meanwhile global Deep State rivals have other ideas.

Kevin learns his geriatric grandad is central the fork in destiny’s road. Back in the dying days of World War Two Isiah Jones lived through a bizarre chain of events, as the Third Reich crashed down around him. It’s up to Kevin to help Gramps confront the past, perhaps even to relive it. Turns out Kevin and Isiah’s story holds the key to why all worlds but ours turn out the way they do – Pax Cambria.

Ever wondered why there's not more Welsh comedy cyberpunk? Featuring a host of mysterious characters, cheese-on-toast based fast food, alt-right druids and a sprawling crime-family from hell, 'Anthracite' begins the long battle to set this travesty straight. Swansea has never looked more like Blade Runner’s L.A. It's already got the rain.

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