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Friday, 16 June 2017

Hello again to my favourite people in the world, who've bought my book and probably done loads of other amazing things too.


I’m writing with some news about the book. Which is: the title has been changed. It’s gone from ‘Challenge Annabel’ to ‘Annabel vs the Internet (The Time I Infiltrated Google HQ and Other Adventures)’. As why use two words when thirteen words and two brackets will do just as well?


And all the best titles have brackets involved. Like Bryan Adam’s ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It For You’. Okay, maybe not the best example but who am I to argue with 146 weeks at number one?


If that doesn’t convince you, remember that all the greatest things changed their name at some point. Starburst/Opal Fruits, Oil of Olay/Ulay and that weird time Madonna wanted us to call her by her Kabbalah name Esther.


I’d go as far as to say, success can often rest on a name change. I know this from research on Google, which started out being called BackRub. I wouldn’t want to BackRub my name three times a day. And would I want to drink Brad’s Drink while watching my Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo TV and reading Stag Party magazine? No. So thank goodness for Pepsi and Sony and Playboy, in this very unlikely scenario.


Admittedly these are all hugely successful multi-national companies and not a crowdfunded book. But regardless, it will now be Annabel vs the Internet and not Challenge Annabel with its lazy and slightly obscure reference to Challenge Anneka. And Annabel vs the Internet was the name of a series of the very first challenges I did, which form the first chapter of the book. So calling it this nicely taps into my fear that nobody will ever read past that point.


So there you go. I thought I should let you know as it might have been confusing when the book finally arrived on your doorstep with a different name and you started worrying you’d been drunk online shopping again and buying a book you’d never heard of.


Regarding when you will get this newly-titled book, the cover has now been finalised and the proofs are arriving soon so it should be before Christmas. And what’s Christmas for, if not for sitting quietly on your own and reading?


Thank you for your patience.


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