Finally! A look in my shed.

Thursday, 24 November 2016


I've probably been asked the question, 'What is the shed?' more than 'When is your book out?' I've not taken it personally. So here it is, my shed. I hope you are not too deeply disappointed. It's where I'm supposed to keep you updated on the book, so sorry it's taken a while. I was finishing it off and I guessed that you didn't want updates detailing how I was crying over blank pieces of paper. If you did, please let me know and I'll mock up some photos for you.

But the book is now pretty much finished and is with my editor, who is probably writing all over it with red pen and feeling horrified at how a former English language teacher could have such terrible grammar.

The next step is working on giving it a nice cover and then it all goes off the giant Unbound photocopier.

So if you have asked the question, 'When is your book out?' the answer is - not yet. Sorry. If you were hoping to have it in time for Christmas so you could get rid of it by gifting it to a relative you hate - sorry again. 

It will be out soon though, so a massive belated thank you for pre-buying the book and making this happen. (Or an on-time thank you if you've only just bought it.) I really appreciate it. 

Annabel x

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Colin Anderton
Colin Anderton says:

Hello - this question might make me sound vain but I sponsored the VIP face level. Is there a date for the photos? Thanks!

November 25, 2016

Lizzie Sharp
Lizzie Sharp says:

I, for one, would definitely like to see mock-ups of you crying over blank pieces of paper.

November 30, 2016

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