Angel Dorothy

By Jane Brown

A new biography of the woman behind Dartington Hall, American heiress Dorothy Elmhirst

Friday, 18 September 2015

Angel Dorothy, a Woman of Some Importance Whom Nobody Knew

We are still playing with titles for Dorothy's story - when I say 'Nobody knew' it means she purposefully kept herself out of the limelight, no empty socialising, refused to use her money to exert influence, refused to join committees of the great and the good.

So, hers is a secret history BUT if you believe that the purpose of history is to make us wise in coping with the present, then she is the perfect companion.  100 years ago Dorothy was heading to be First Lady, possibly first woman President of the US [remind you of anyone?], she had founded The New Republic, the famous New York liberal paper that only folded last year, she had found married happiness - all this to be shattered by WW1.

My thanks to all who have supported her.  She keeps 'bursting' into present times, at the moment I am trying to work out what she would have thought of Jeremy Corbyn - she was keen on Clement Attlee's socialism - so to be continued!

from Jane Brown, Dorothy's biographer.

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