Three weeks in, ten to go...

Thursday, 15 March 2018

It's three weeks since Unbound began to crowdfund An Other’s Look, which means there are ten weeks to go. The clock started ticking on the 22nd of February and we have until 23rd of May to hit the target. So far, the support has been fantastic: 21% of the target raised; 30 supporters; many more people promising to add their support; lots of posting, retweets, FB sharing and Instagram likes on the subject; and various crowdfunding events lined up for the coming weeks.

I’m sure someone’s done a statistical study of the peaks, troughs and plateaus (plateaux?) of crowdfunding, but if they have I don’t want to read it. Despite the paragraph above and the massive great image below, it’s not all about the numbers, it’s also about the people. It took me a year to write An Other’s Look and I’m very proud of it, and now my family, friends old and new, colleagues and acquaintances, people I don’t know or barely know, are all taking the trouble to support it. It’s a great feeling. Thank you.

I’ll update you soon on the various crowdfunding events. In the meantime, keep reading and keep browsing other Unbound projects. There are some great authors on their list. Happy pledging.

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