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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Dear all


What is happening to America Uber Alles I hear lots of you asking....well, all is well...the novel is finished, has been edited and copy edited and there is a smashing cover designed and ready...the launch will be in May 2019.,just in time for summer holiday reading lists. 


We are closing the pledge list at Midnight on Monday, so there are only just over twenty four hours left for people to pledge for the book so if you want to give someone an extraordinary Christmas gift, well, time is running out! That said, after midnight it can be pre-booked, but if you want yours or someone's name in the book, that ends at midnight tomorrow.


More importantly, another big thanks to all you lovely people who have helped this book become a reality by supporting it through it's gestation. Jack Fernley loves you all! 

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