The Alzheimer's Diaries: a love story

By Susan Elkin

A sardonic, powerful, loving, diarized account of caring for a partner with Alzheimer’s

Friday, 5 February 2021

Susan's Bookshelves

I've always gobbled up books like Billy Bunter did doughnuts. And since I've been on my own I've read more than ever. This is partly because now I read at mealtimes - works so well with iPad propped - and I'm a very slow eater. Lockdowns have added even more reading time, of course, because I'm not going out to interview people or to review shows. I'm currently averaging about three a week including lots of lovely rereads of old favourites.

It was my daughter-in-law who suggested that I write about my reading. I was feeling a bit low and in need of a project or two. She said she thought other people would probably be interested in hearing what I've been reading. So, last month, I launched a new blog - Susan's Bookshelves - on which I write about one book a week. It's fairly personal, often anecdotal, always informal and not really a review as such Here's the link:

 Meanwhile, perhaps someone will soon be blogging about The Alzheimer's Diaries the funding for which is climbing steadily and now stands at 53%. I'm deeply appreciative of the support so far. Please can you also share it as widely as you can so that we get the pledges it still needs? 

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