The Alzheimer's Diaries: a love story

By Susan Elkin

A sardonic, powerful, loving, diarized account of caring for a partner with Alzheimer’s

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Hope for the future

I get sent press releases all the time about all manner of things - I'm a journalist, after all. It isn't often, though, that I get really excited by one.

Last week I learned from a press release - I haven't seen this anywhere in the British media although I may have missed it - that the Institute of Molecular Medicine in California has developed a vaccine which helps to prevent both amyloid beta plaques and tau tangles, the two signs of Alzheimer's which show up on an MRI scan such as the one Nick had. The project which already had $4.7m dollars of funding from National Institutes of Ageing, has just been awarded a further $3m. 

They are on track to begin clinical trials of Duvax in 2023. 

Isn't that the most marvellous news? Goodness knows why it hasn't been publicised in the UK.  Of course I'm sad  that it's come too late for Nick and millions like him but - if it proves as effective as the researches hope/predict - it has massive implications for the future.

Meanwhile The Alzheimer's Diaries - with all its first hand insights into the reality of this hideous terminal disease - is 56% funded. Can you help me to have a pre-Christmas push and find enough pledgers to get it to 100%?

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