The Alzheimer's Diaries: a love story

By Susan Elkin

A sardonic, powerful, loving, diarized account of caring for a partner with Alzheimer’s

Saturday, 8 August 2020


I've been meaning to contact Crofton Books (in London, SE4) for a while. It's an impressive secondhand bookshop within Crofton Park Libary which is now run by volunteers. The owner, Jason, and I have been following each other on Twitter for some time. This week I droppped in to see him for a chat and a very pleasant experience it was too. I wanted to discuss two books with him - my Deptford teaching memoir, Please Miss We're Boys which was published (Book Guild) last year and, of course The Alzheimer's Diaries: a love story. He now has copies for sale of the former and is keen to help spread the word about the latter so that we get more pledges. We've also agreed, in principle.that when restrictions lift I could do some talks at Crofton Books.  My big strength is that I'm Very Local. I used to pass Crofton Park Library every day en route to Deptford. Nick, the subject of The Alzheimer's Diaries, died in Lewisham Hospital which is less than a mile away. After my chat with Jason I walked all the way home - hottest day since 2003, notwithstanding. 

I now have a list of half a dozen other local independent bookshops which I'm in the process of contacting. But, of course, they don't have to be local to me.  If you - wherever you are -  can persuade your local bookshop either to stock PMWB or help publicise the Alzheimer's Diaries project, or both, that would be absolutely splendid. Please put me in touch. I can travel quite easily to more or less anywhere in London, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex and Cambs.  Beyond that, we've all learned how to use Zoom this year haven't we?

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