All The Perverse Angels

By Sarah K. Marr

Spanning Victorian Oxford to the London of the 1980s, “All the Perverse Angels” is a novel about the nature of loss and the confusion of love, about the stories we are told and the stories we tell ourselves

Friday, 11 August 2017

Public Exposure.

Much as I continue to be dismayed that anyone would want to sully a perfectly good book jacket, it turns out that it's the 'done thing' to have a picture of the author troubling otherwise-contented readers. (That is to say, a troubling picture, not a picture of readers being troubled by the author.) More on that in a moment but first, a progress update.

The book cover has now been illustrated and today I'm having a discussion with Unbound about the fonts for the title and author's name. I’m pleased to say that the title has remained unchanged throughout the process (as has my name). I've always been open to its changing for reasons of marketing and what-have-you, but I confess to having grown rather fond of it over the past couple of years.

I've seen a few printed page-proofs of the text, too, and I'm waiting for the next round to arrive in the post. It's looking good: no major changes are expected, just a few remaining checks to see how the typeface copes with italics, ligatures ("æ"), Greek characters, etc. Then there'll be a full proof-read of the text by me, a proof-reader and my editor at Unbound, Anna.

So, we're still on track to have the Unbound edition out to supporters by the end of the year, and the trade edition in bookshops early in 2018. Apart from the physical production of the book, other conversations are starting up to discuss obtaining cover quotes from the Great and Good, and to decide to whom proof and review copies should be sent and how the book will be marketed.

I'd like to thank all my supporters, again, for their belief in the book, and their patience as it goes through the production process. Hopefully, I'll be able to reveal the full cover in the next update. In the interim, as mentioned earlier, here's the author picture for the inside of the jacket. Enjoy(?).



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Elaine Chambers
 Elaine Chambers says:

I really love your author photograph - very stylish indeed! Really looking forward to reading the book...

posted 11th August 2017

Pierre Hollins
 Pierre Hollins says:

Great photo!

posted 11th August 2017

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