All the Coffee Cups

By Josh Hara

A coffee table book collecting the illustrated coffee cups of @yoyoha.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

All the Coffee Cups: An Update

Good morning to you my caffeinated brethern, sisterthen and everything in betweenerthen! It's been a while since I last updated everyone, so I wanted to send a quick note to pledge my undying gratitude for your support and you helping me achieve this milestone. Over the last month I have been working diligently on organizing the sheer volume of content that is being included in the book, as well as doing a fair bit of writing to truly make this collection of my work as comprehensive, intresting and side splittlingly hilarious as possible. 

I probably shouldn't have said that. Now you are expecting your sides to literally split open which would be hard for even the funniest book every written to achieve. And while the lead up to that moment would be fun for all involved, I certainly didn't get into the coffee cup comic writing business to hurt people. So, let's just say I am trying my best to put together a book that will make your individual pledge feel like money well spent.

And in addition to be an attractive and totally meta book to feature on your respective coffee tables, should it be needed to murder a spider in cold blood for merely trespassing on your property, at 250 pages strong it should come in fairly handy for that too.

What comes next you ask? Simple. Once I get the overall layout complete, I am going to start to involve you, yes YOU, in some of the decision making that will go into the final

  • The design of the cover
  • The design of some of the breaker pages
  • Which sticker art will make the final set (for the pledge gifts)
  • Other decisions I find paralyzing

In short, there is lots more to come and once I have a release date you all will be the first to know. Now if you'll excuse me writing this update is giving a mild panic attack so I am going to go lay down until it passes.

Good coffee to you all.


Josh (@yoyoha)

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Kim Bowser
 Kim Bowser says:

“Other decisions I find paralyzing”
Can’t wait to help you with these decisions and I hope somehow, though not exactly coffee related, the drawing of a squirrel flipping off a dog from Dog Jobs can somehow make it into the book because it is my fave.

posted 28th June 2019

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