All the Coffee Cups

By Josh Hara

A coffee table book collecting the illustrated coffee cups of @yoyoha.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019


You did this. A rag tag group of 475 (and counting) supportive friends, co-workers, fans and family members gathered together, stood up and clapped and pointed at me like that Meryl Streep GIF from the Oscars. And I felt it. With every contribution, with every comment, with every Facebook share that kept the momentum going even when I wasn't holding up my end of the bargain. 

What many of you don't know is I tried to get this book published right after the original #100CoffeeCups project went viral in 2014. I signed with a reputable literary agency, wrote a treatment (my wife Halle helped considerably), and was promptly rejected by every publisher we submitted it to. It was disappointing, but I figured I'd be patient, keep going, keep working on cups and see where it might take me. 

And it brought me here. Fully funded and 250 blank pages to fill with coffee cups, comics and the over-caffeinated fever dreams that inspired them. I am so excited to get this project started. To show you, myself and those publishers just how great this book will be. 

So, thank you. Thank you for making this happen for me. Thank you for making room in your life for my coffee fueled flights of fancy. Thank you for making this more than a hobby. Because art matters. Ideas matter. They are the things that bind us together when so many forces are trying to drive us apart.

Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to pore over the list of supporters and spend some focused energy wishing good fortune on all of your houses.

Love, Josh

ps. please know that just because the book is funded doesn't mean there isn't still time to pledge! There will be some new stretch goal rewards added to the campaign while I am busy creating the book itself. The only difference is that now when someone contributes, there will be a book coming no matter what!

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Cheryl Iacono
 Cheryl Iacono says:

Congratulations Josh!
I am an “old” high school friend of your dad’s and have been following you and your Art since you designed t-shirts and sold them. I had 2 for a very long time and only wish I still had......may be worth more now that you are famous. I personally enjoy that you share your thoughts about yourself and your humanness. The world would be a much more loving place if we all were not afraid to shine our own personal lights. Your parents knew that a long time ago and I love them even more for encouraging you and your brother to do so.
Looking forward to whatever comes next for you.
Cheryl Iacono

posted 24th April 2019

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