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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

There ain't no party like an...

Unbound Pledge Party!

Yes, that was an S-Club 7 reference.
No, I'm not ashamed.
Yes, that is worrying.


On Monday 22 May I will be taking part in the Unbound Pledge Party #2 at Gower Street Waterstones. This is basically a literary Dragon's Den where I, and seven other authors, will have 5 minutes to pitch our book to the assembled crowd and hopefully gain some new subscribers. Tickets are £6 and that gets you a drink and £5 towards a book pledge, which means you're getting a drink in central London for a quid, which is basically theft. But legal.

Why am I telling you all this, you lovely people who have already pledged? Well:
1) You can tell your London-based friends who might want to get into this crowdfunding malarkey
2) You might fancy backing another book and getting to see me into the bargain
3) Almost 200 of you have pledged but we're only a third of the way there so we need to get plenty more people's names in the back of the book so please do all you can to spread the word.

Here's a link to the event:

Here's a link to the book page:

Do what you can you wonderful people. And wish me luck for 22nd...

W x

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