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Wednesday, 4 April 2018


Oh, hello there. Remember me? I know it's been an age since you heard about the War Horse book but the good news is that stuff has been happening. First of all, the book's finished! I've been getting in touch with all of those who are named in the book to make sure that they're happy to be mentioned. Thankfully everyone has said yes. If you haven't heard from me then well done, you've avoided my steely gaze. After a developmental edit the book has now been submitted to the copy editors, who go through and sort out all of my apalling grammar, speling mistikes, and, weird, placement, of, commas. This will be finished any day and then I will suddenly remember all the things I meant to put in the book and it will be too late. Then we're going to add some lovely backstage pictures, a fab introduction from Micahel Morpurgo and the book will be ready.

All books need a cover of course. The great news is that I'm working together with Rae Smith, designer of War Horse, to curate some images for All Quiet on the West End Front. Then I'll get to work with the design team at Unbound to create a cracking cover. Then all of a sudden we'll be talking about publication dates and sending this bit of fluff out into the world.



Thanks to all of you for your support as ever. This is only possible because of you.

Much love,


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