All Quiet on the West-End Front

By William Rycroft

Go behind the scenes of the National Theatre’s production of War Horse.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Page 3

Hello all,

I didn't mean to update you again so soon, and this will be very brief, but those of you who read the Sunday Times may have recognised a certain someone on page 3 of last weekend's edition. In a piece on Nicholas Hytner's memoir about life during his tenure at the National Theatre there was a gigantic picture of me jumping the wire, weapon raised, moustache stretched to its limit as I shouted out, puppeteers doing their magic. Hytner's book, Balancing Acts, is a great read, and weirdly coincides with the exact period during which I was involved with the National. There's a bit about War Horse in there but we all know where the real backstage story is, don't we!

I did an interview with Joanna Pieters for her Creative Life Show which has just gone live if you fancy a listen:

Plus, we're almost exactly a third of the way there. Onwards!

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