All Quiet on the West-End Front

By William Rycroft

Go behind the scenes of the National Theatre’s production of War Horse.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Over to you

Hello lovely readers,

Now that the book is in your hands I have a small favour to ask. You may well have found yourself browsing reviews of things before buying them online or checking the star ratings on films before buying tickets to see it. One of the best ways to spread the word about the book and to encourage others to pick it up is with a short review. One reader has already popped one on Amazon (thanks Kasper), another has written a blog about (thanks Annabel) and I wanted to ask if you might do the same. It really doesn't have to be an exhaustive deep-dive into the book (in fact, I actively discourage the idea) just a few lines and some stars to help those that can't even be bothered to read words. Apparently the mythical algorithm at Amazon HQ is far more likely to recommend your book to browsers once it has 50+ reviews on the site.

You can also leave reviews on

And why is this post accompanied by a picture of eighties chart-toppers Five Star? Not sure why they popped into my head actually...

Love you all x

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