All Quiet on the West-End Front

By William Rycroft

Go behind the scenes of the National Theatre’s production of War Horse.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Dude, where's my book?

This year marked the 20th anniversary of leaving my drama school, LAMDA. To mark the occasion we organised a boozy meet-up at the pub that used to be our local (now, of course, transformed into a sterile gastro pub-type affair). Was it just a full-on luvvie fest of hugs and smooches? Well, yes, eventually, but the evening began, as people slowly arrived with the repeated question, ‘WHERE’S MY BOOK?’

You see, these lovely, supportive friends of mine had pledged their support for the book and, clearly not understanding that 36% funded isn’t 100%, were getting a little impatient for the goods. And fair enough. You probably all are a bit, and you may have been wondering why it’s been so quiet over here. We’ve been tinkling along and there have been two worries on my mind, both related to time. The UK tour of War Horse is just opening in Canterbury and 2018 will mark the centenary of the end of the First World War. Perfect timing for publishing my book, eh?! Going at the present rate I had real worries about getting the book published in time to make use of these two opportunities.

Luckily, those chaps at Unbound have a cunning plan. There is another way to get the book published. Behind the scenes there are some changes which make no difference to your book. The only difference for you is that we’d be publishing a paperback, rather than a hardback. Actually, that’s not the only difference - the changes would mean that the pledges raised so far MAKE US 100% FUNDED. Boom, just like that!

Isn’t that cool? If you’re all OK with that, we can get on with it. And quickly too. In fact I’ve just sent off the manuscript to the editor for its developmental edit where he tells me all the rubbish bits and the lawyers take out the libelous stuff. Then I have a cry and we get on with it. So, in answer to the question, ‘Where’s my book?’, the answer, with your blessing, is ‘ON THE WAY!’

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Lev Parikian
 Lev Parikian says:

Good plan, Will.

posted 5th October 2017

John Griffiths
 John Griffiths says:

I'm cool with that Will. The cunning plan would be to see that if the book proves a success that you could pitch Warhorse to sell it as a piece of merchandise as a hardback. you might get a special
limited hard back edition after all.

posted 5th October 2017

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