All My Worldly Joy

By Laura Richmond

A memoir of motherhood and mental health.

Tuesday, 14 March 2023

Sneak peeks and plague times

Dear everyone,

We have had stinky covid again. I finally tested negative on Sunday and crossed that threshold from the parallel world of the sick and self-isolating. Outdoors is very good, isn't it? I'd forgotten. I'm out of covid stasis and lumbering onward once more, if a bit slowly and breathlessly. 

As I write, we are one hardback copy away from 95%! Wowsers. Thank you so much to those who have just joined us, and especially to everyone else who has been patiently waiting. The manuscript is coming along too. I'm editing at the moment, pruning, tightening, clarifying... it's really making it jump off the page and feel vivid and immediate. I still need to write the final section and to re-write the first two chapters, which are not fit for purpose anymore. It's a real 'so near and yet so far' situation. Sometimes I look at it and think: this is nearly there. This is so close to what the final version will be. And then I think of all that still needs doing and I want to howl. My friend Andy says, "Don't look down."

Also, while I think of it, Unbound have a promotion going at the moment where you can get 15% off books that are almost fully funded, including a very good memoir that you might have heard about... Use the code ALMOSTTHERE15 at checkout before midnight on Sunday 19 March. You could up your pledge for extra goodies or buy a copy for someone else. I feel massively jammy even suggesting this, but we are so close now!

You may have seen on social media that another clever idea from Unbound was the creation of some graphics featuring extracts from the manuscript. Here are a couple:

I'll release more over the next few weeks. One idea I had was that I could choose a couple of pages' worth of short extracts which didn't become graphics and release them exclusively to you as supporters. Is that something you'd be interested in? Would it spoil the surprise? I want to find ways to properly thank the people who came on board before this book was even a book - namely, you lot. Without you, it just wouldn't be happening. People who buy it on Amazon or in Waterstones later are all very well and I'm sure I'll be glad, but you - you are the real deal!

Just a little more general life news before I sign off and dash down the road for my school run. You might remember last year I was doing research for the Mental Health Foundation to find out how we can address transport barriers so that mums can access all kinds of support for their mental health. That research is done now, and the Maternal Mental Health Alliance very kindly offered to host the summary report on their Resource Hub. That's available here. I had a grand time launching the report and presenting some findings at the Amplifying Maternal Voices conference on 1st March. Nice to be quoted in the conference write up as well!

Then I came home in the evening to a snotty child - and the rest, as they say, is history. Last week I could hardly believe I was the same strong, healthy creature who swept through London streets in her excellent black coat, and stood up on stage and spoke truth to power in a loud voice. But I am thankful to be improving each day. Onwards and upwards, and thank you again.


Laura x

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