All My Worldly Joy

By Laura Richmond

A memoir of motherhood and mental health.

Saturday, 6 May 2023

Ninety-nine percent!

Well, folks, I'm excited and staggered and thrilled and more than a little bit daunted to announce that All My Worldly Joy is 99% funded! It doesn't get much closer than that. I'd like to say a huge thank you, once again, to those of you who came on board early and have been waiting so patiently and graciously, and of course I'd also like to thank the newest supporters who have nudged us that bit further along. One person in particular and you know who you are.

I've been pretty stressed out about it all recently - just the fact that it takes so much longer to write a book than I'd realised. Or, rather, my aspiration has gone from "write down what happened in a way that's at least semi-coherent" to "produce an account that's powerful, moving, funny, challenging, and really high-quality writing". So, of course it's taking longer than anticipated. It's not just finding the time to write - it's more the cognitive and emotional energy that's required as my standards creep up and up.

It's maddening that a full manuscript feels so close that I'm almost brushing it with my fingernails, and at the same time it's so impossibly distant and far off that I could howl. And of course it's a little embarrassing to have a crowdfunder running for nearly five actual years. There's been a fair bit of handwringing about all that lately. But - hitting 99% is exhilarating and re-instils that sense of purpose. I'm going to check in with my contact at Unbound this week and come up with a plan for when we're fully funded. A plan and - dare I whisper the word - a deadline. 

Essentially what remains is to finish this round of edits; send passages to be reviewed by people who are in the book and make any changes they would like; re-write the first two chapters; and write the ending. And then some buffing and polishing. Simple! Not simple. But I promise I will hurl myself body and soul at this over the next few months and then... I don't really know what comes after that, but when I do, I'll let you know. I will keep in touch.

Thank you again for your faith in me. It means everything. And we are nearly there!

With love,

Laura x

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suki Westmore
 suki Westmore says:

You've got this Laura!!
Don't worry about us waiting, we're just looking forward to reading the book when its ready.

posted 12th May 2023

Laura Richmond
 Laura Richmond says:

Thank you, Suki! This reassurance is both needed and appreciated very much.

posted 12th May 2023

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