All My Worldly Joy

By Laura Richmond

A memoir of motherhood and mental health.

Wednesday, 21 December 2022

Merry Christmas and some good news

Dear everyone,

Since the crowdfunder campaign was relaunched about three weeks ago, we've jumped up almost ten per cent. This is incredible, especially if you consider how long it took to get the previous 82% in the bank. Right now, we are one hardback copy away from 92%! I had hoped for 90% by Christmas so that extra almost-2% is very much the icing and marzipan on my festive fruitcake. I can only thank you again for all your generosity and support with shouting this book from the rooftops.

I have a poorly boy at the moment and have had, it seems, forever. This winter has just been a succession of viral illnesses with no let up in between, briefly rather frightening at the weekend with his temperature soaring, not being able to keep fluids down, and a rash on his face. I was afraid of scarlet fever, but I think it's parvovirus. The fever is down now but sickness and snottiness dragging on. He's being an absolute trooper about it, and has accepted the cancellation or postponement of everything he was looking forward to with such good grace. Nonetheless we are both rather worn down.

Still, I've kept up my 45 minutes of book-writing every single day of December (so far). It's encouraging that the end is in sight, and even more so that a staggering 520 people believe in this book, and believe in my ability to write it. Thank you again for being here, and I wish you all a restful and restorative Christmas break. More from me in the new year.

Take care and keep well.

With love,

Laura x

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