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Artist Rebecca Ivatts has worked with radiographers and neuroscientists for years to interpret brain scans and interpret conditions and states of mind on canvas

All In The Mind is her collection of more than 40 “mental portraits”, with essays by Ivatts and neuroscientists explaining their origins

Have you ever wondered what’s in your head? As an artist, I had always focused on the nude, but when I became pregnant with my first child, the antenatal scans opened my eyes to the painterly mystery of medical imaging. For the first time, I felt inspired to paint what was inside us.

Like good art, the brain defies oversimplification. Each one, like each artwork, is unique. And yet everywhere I looked in the media, lurid headlines reinforced just how much the brain was discussed -- and how little most of us really know about it: ‘Men really DO have bigger brains’, ‘Does brain structure determine your political views?’ ‘How watching online porn can alter our grey matter’. ‘How I discovered I have the brain of a psychopath.' I was compelled to find out more.

Over an intense three-year period, I worked with neuroscientists and radiographers to interpret brain scans and turn them into artworks. This was a springboard for my imagination: suddenly, an angiogram took on the totemic symmetry of a tribal mask, a major stroke looked like an incredible opening up to the world. I peered into white and grey matter and saw dense ‘gardens’ inhabited by faces, bodies, ghosts, butterflies, constellations…

Now, I’m bringing them together in this cerebral art book offering a different perspective on the complex world of the human brain.

After graduating in Modern Languages from Oxford University, Rebecca studied 'Objective Life Drawing and Painting' at the Slade School of Art. She combined this academic, rigorous approach with the freer influence of two tutors from the Royal College. To consolidate her interest in the human form she took anatomy and drawing classes at the Prince's Drawing School and attended dissection classes at Guy's hospital, London.

Rebecca lived in Spain for four years where she showed work with four different galleries. She also acquired a diploma in Painting Processes and Techniques at San Fernando Arts Academy.

Since leaving Spain, Rebecca has exhibited in Greece (British Council), Ireland and the UK. In London, Rebecca has shown at Morton Metropolis, SW1 gallery and in group shows at Shoreditch Town Hall (alongside Tracey Emin and Maggi Hambling) and The Last Supper in South London.

Charles Saatchi has expressed his admiration for her work and art dealer, Sir Jack Baer, who has acquired works for the National Gallery, said Rebecca's paintings possess "an exciting, neo-baroque energy". Rebecca has works in private collections in the UK, Spain, Greece, Italy and France.

ALL IN THE MIND has been exhibited at:-
British Neuroscience Festival 2017, Birmingham
Last Supper (commercial art gallery), London
Spreading Grace development centre, United Arab Emirates
Bodleian Library, Oxford University
Parkinson's event, Oxford University
Beauty and the Brain symposium, Pecs, Hungary
Fens 2017, Hungary
Dimensions of Dementia (Guarantors of Brain, Wellcome Trust), London
Eurobest, Creativity and innovation festival for European advertising industry, Nov 2017
Radley College, exhibition, January 2018.