First Light

By Erica Wagner

An anthology celebrating the life of author Alan Garner

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

When First Light will see the light: an update!

Greetings, fellow Unbounders! Sorry for the long silence, but I have been so preoccupied with reading all the marvelous, marvelous pieces which have been pouring in from our contributors that I have been stunned into radio silence. But here I am with a bit of an update.

    So -- as I say, nearly all the pieces are in, but I am going to be mean and not tell you anything about them because I don’t want to spoil the surprise. For when you at last hold this book in your hands, I assure you, you’ll be as astonished as I have been by what has been written in Alan’s honour. These are pieces full of wonder, respect -- and love. They call on their writers’ whole imaginations, whole hearts, in tribute to Alan’s imagination and heart, and they have made me think once again what a privilege it is to edit this book. Lucky you. Lucky all of us. 

    Some of you have been wondering when First Light will actually shine out on the world, and quite right too. We’re looking at publication in the Spring of 2016; with our launch event in Oxford in early April and the storytelling dinner and the walk up in Alderley Edge later in the spring and summer. Sorry not to be more specific at this stage, but we’ve got to pin down all the participants firmly: rest assured that those of you who will be going to any of those events will be notified before too long. 

    What else...? Oh yes. I’ve had a wonderful meeting with Unbound at which we’ve discussed a cover, and the use of images... aside from everything else, this book is going to be beautiful too. Of course. Oh! I’m so excited. I know you are too, so -- watch this space. Once again, none of this could have happened without you: thank you, thank you for your belief and support.  

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Julie Bull
 Julie Bull says:

Thank you - I am attempting to wait patiently but with eager anticipation!

posted 7th October 2015

Charlotte Zeepvat
 Charlotte Zeepvat says:

So looking forward to this book. Strange - and wonderful - to know that so many others have imaginations fed from childhood by Alan Garner's words. And reading your update and the mention of images I thought - would they? I'm sure the answer's no but I'd hate myself if I didn't say it. A few years ago I drew an illustration of the Stromkarl on Goldenstone - a scene I've always loved. Erica, is there any chance that you'd like at least to see it? I'm not expecting a 'yes' so feel free to ignore...

posted 7th October 2015

Children's Publishing Brookes
 Children's Publishing Brookes says:

Children's Publishing at Oxford Brookes University is very excited that we will be seeing this festschrift for Alan Garner, soon. It is the first Unbound project we have subscribed to and will not be our last. Thanks to everyone at Unbound and to the contributors.

posted 8th October 2015

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