First Light

By Erica Wagner

An anthology celebrating the life of author Alan Garner

Saturday, 28 March 2015

And we're off!

It seems rather cosmic that I should be laid low by a ghastly flu just as First Light is launched -- I'll think of it as a great shifting of energies, rather than a nasty lurgy, and that will be better medicine than any Lemsip. And I'm energized enormously by the great support we've already got for this exciting project: a real sign of the passion people feel for Alan Garner's work. 

As I've said before, I came late to that work -- I'd never read it, growing up in the United States as I did. But sometimes I find myself thinking of my discovery of Alan's writing was one of the reasons I moved to Britain in the first place; as if something were waiting for me. His are books you press into people's hands, if they've never encountered it; and if they have, you discover you have a friend immediately, someone who sees the world the way you do. That's a gift. 

More from me soon. I do need that Lemsip, as it turns out.... 



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Wendy Robertson
 Wendy Robertson says:

Always admired the great Alan Garner. To read his books is to encounter real earth magic as opposed to generic fantasy. I like the Owl Service and Red Shift and The Stone Book. Literary writing at its most accessible. Only matched in this generation of writers by the exceptional David Almond.

posted 30th March 2015

Paul Pearson
 Paul Pearson says:

Alan Garner has been a major driving force in my life. As a child I was read Weirdstone of Brisingamen whilst at primary scvhool and followed his books avidly since. In 1983 I produced a musical version of Weirdstone, "Firefrost", in conjunction with the Salford Education Department. I have written frequently on his work and his influence. He inspired me to write, he inspired me to search and research - he showed me the landscape and taught me how to interpret it. When Boneland was published, it felt as though a journey was completed - though sadly, it felt as though it may be he last - but a perfect book to end with.

posted 30th March 2015

nigel waugh
 nigel waugh says:

This is a long shot, but I am very interested to get in touch with Paul Pearson to find out more about his 'musical version of Weirdstone, 'Firefrost', written in conjunction with Salford education Department in 1983. I would love to find about more about your musical. This book has constantly haunted me since reading it many years ago and I have ideas to create my own musical version of the story. I obviously do not want to trespass on your music, but am just very interested to know how you told the story. If you happen to read this, my email is I would love to make contact.

posted 12th November 2020

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