Agrippina: Empress, Exile, Hustler, Whore

By Emma Southon

A biography of the most extraordinary woman in the Roman world

Friday, 15 July 2016

New Postcards!

I have just recieved the postcards that will make up my new pledge level so I want to show them off because GOSH they're so pretty!

The front shows a frieze of Agrippina dressed as a sexy goddess crowning her son Nero as emperor. As a piece of iconography, this is staggering as she is quite literally saying that she has the power to grant the throne to whomever she wants. She herself is wearing a crown and carrying a cornucopia which represents fertility and contains ideas of the future. You can also see how terribly young Nero is - just a teenager. I chose this image as to me it really hammers home how exceptionally powerful Agrippina was.

On the back is a little quote from Tacitus explaining again how remarkable Agrippina was. Because I am me, there's a typo in it so I'll be correcting all of those :)



And then each one will have a sticker and a little handwritten explanation or fact for the sticker. There may or may not be scribblings out. This one is mine, because I like Cleo's sad face. It looks like she's just really unhappy about holding a snake.



I am super delighted by these and almost don't want to give them away,, but I am going to because people reading the book is more important than me owning a lot of the same thing :)


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