When Barbie Met Action Man

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Dear supporters - well, it looks as though we have been evicted from our Shed. Or rather the Shed has been dismantled around us and we are left standing about in the open. (For new supporters, I should explain that until a couple of weeks ago we had a virtual meeting place called the Shed; since then Unbound have redesigned the website and the Shed has gone.)

Never mind! I can still send updates and here is the latest. We are now at 23%, so that's good; we're moving steadily upwards. If you know anyone who might be induced to pledge, well, see if you can persuade them. If every one of us secured just one single pledger we'd suddenly be almost halfway there...

When we reach 30% I will put up another extract from the book - I thought people might like to know what happens when Adam goes back to Natalie's house!

Meantime here is something else for you to enjoy. I have another YA novel up my sleeve - another comic fantasy, called When Barbie Met Action Man (or The Young Person's Guide to Existentialism). And I've decided to donate it to the public for free. I've opened a blog for it and every week I will post a new chapter. Chapter 1 is already up: follow this link and you can read it:  https://whenbarbiemetactionman.wordpress.com/2017/03/21/when-barbie-met-action-man-chapter-one/

Best wishes



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