The Infinite Powers of Adam Gowers

By Brandon Robshaw

A Young Adult comic fantasy novel, about a teenage boy who is granted an infinite number of wishes -

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Sweets to eat

Yay! Another contribution has come in - thanks to Alison there - and as I promised, here is a poem about sweets. It has absolutely nothing to do with The Infinite Powers of Adam Gowers; it's just a bit of doggerel I wrote for fun, but I thought it would entertain us as we wait for more people to join us in the Shed.


There was Herbert with his sherbet,

there was Molly with her lolly,

there was Emma with her M & M's

and little chocolate stars;

there was manly little Stanley

with his seven bars of candy,

there was Brian with his Lion Bar

and Martin with his Mars.


There was Brewster with his Joosters,

there was Shaka with his Tracker,

there was Gary with his Galaxy

and jelly beans for Joan;

there was Roland with his Rolos,

there was Polly with her Polos,

there was Wally with his Werthers

and Tahmina's Toblerone.


There was Shirley's Curly-Wurly

and Theresa had Maltesers;

there was Corky with his Yorkie,

there was Tessa with her Twix;

there was little Jenny Joffy

with her coffee-flavoured toffee;

there was 'Arry with his Aero

and Parvarti's Pick'n'Mix.


But pity poor old Sue -

she only had a penny chew.

And pity poor old Trevor -

he had nothing whatsoever!



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