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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Dear noble, sweet, generous friends

I have momentous news! You might have noticed that pledges for Adam Gowers have started to tail away. After nine months of funding, we are almost halfway, but at the rate the pledges are now coming in - fewer than one a week, recently - the book would take a very, very long time to fund completely. It has therefore been suggested to me by my editor at Unbound that, instead of aiming for a hardback edition, as originally planned, we opt for a paperback instead. And I think that is a fantastic idea. The paperback option costs just under half of what a paperback would cost - which means we already have enough money, thanks to your generosity, to say 'Make it so!' This means the book will come out much sooner and the launch party will be sooner too. Those of you who paid £20 or more will have been awaiting a hardback edition and will now receive a paperback instead, but Unbound have a compensation policy in place to deal with that; and all the other rewards will be unchanged, of course. So this is excellent news: the book will come out, and it's all thanks to you! Watch this space for further news. 

Best wishes, and thanks again


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Alec Rivers
Alec Rivers says:

Congrats anyway, Brandon. I'm happy with a paperback. :)

October 04, 2017

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