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A Mountain Ledge

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Hello, noble supporters. We are now on 39%. With just a little effort we can get up to 40% - which to me will feel like reaching a ledge during the climbing of Everest, where one can rest and gasp for air for a while, and contemplate the rest of the ascent. Could you all see if you can persuade a friend to make a small pledge, so I can get up on to that ledge? 

This reminds me of a piece of doggerel I once wrote, so I present it here for your enjoyment:

Jack and Jill

Went up the hill -

The one beside Ben Nevis.

Jack got wedged

On a narrow ledge

And Jill fell down a crevice.

It was just bad luck

That Jack got stuck

And Jill came such a cropper.

But they shouted and called

And to safety were hauled

By a Royal Airforce chopper.


PS I know that it should really be 'crevasse', not 'crevice', but that wouldn't have rhymed. 

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