Act3 – The Art Of Growing Older

By Adrian and Judy Reith

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Tonight: What Are Your Act 3 Values? Register here

Tonight - Act 3 - we’re looking at Values at 8.15 after the NHS clap. Register here: Act 3 Values:  

Please feel free to share . . . .



Special guests will be artist Bev Sage and musician Errol Kennedy from Imagination.



Attached is a list of Values - maybe look to the list before you join tonight, or read the chapter in the book.

You can buy the book from Waterstones online here

And you can even review it! It helps others find it.

Finally . . .  tonight is World Book Night - a call from The Reading Agency Charity for everyone to read something, anything - from 7-8pm  

We’d love you to join us . . . pour yourself a glass of something and click in . . . 
Judy & Adrian


"Those are my principles and if you don't like them  . . . well, I have others"

– Groucho Marx

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