Act3 – The Art Of Growing Older

By Adrian and Judy Reith

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

The Art of Getting the Book Finished

Sorry for the silence. But in the silence, much has been going on. The book has been through the editing wringer three times, and now we are enjoying the final dotting of 't's' and crossing of ‘i’s'. The boring part. Essential yes, but if you’re Judy, you’d rather stick pins in your eyes.

Adrian, on the other hand, loves this detailed stuff, after decades making 30-second commercials where every half-second counts to get the message across. So while Judy dips in and out, playing with the new puppy, letting him out for the umpteenth wee, mopping up accidents, Adrian been scrutinising the copy edit. Not only that, he’s also covered the kitchen table with drawing pads, black pens in various widths, masking tape, scrunched up rejects, cups of tea, and the odd piece of flapjack – Radio 6Music burbling all the while in the background. When the book arrives in your hands, the doodles within will all be Adrian's. We hope they will appeal to the visual learner. (One of the things we sometimes do in coaching sessions is get someone to draw their life – you'd be amazed what a doodle can reveal of a person, when asked to explain) 


While we're working, we continue to hear about Act 3 marvels who won’t feature in our book – but easily could, like the fabulous woman who is learning to fly at 93, or the pensioner with dementia still running marathons or the man round the corner who is 86 and cycles about 200 miles every week. They won’t be in this book, but maybe the next, or perhaps be part of our fledgling podcast idea … watch this space.  

We're currently sharing new stories on the Act3Life Facebook page, and @act3life on Twitter – join in and tell us what you’re up to.

And finally: it's not too late to pre order the book – maybe for a friend – and see your name printed in the back in the first edition.  Clickhere and spread the word. Thank you.

Please make the most of the summer ... while you still can ...

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Kim Lee-Own
 Kim Lee-Own says:

Adrian looks happily absorbed, puppy looks adorbs (as my daughters would say)! :-)
Very excited to get hold of the book SSSSOOOOOONNNN!

posted 13th June 2019

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