Act3 – The Art Of Growing Older

By Adrian and Judy Reith

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Take The Act 3 Day Off … With Us

Last Saturday Elaine and Tony took the day off and drove up to Cambridge from London. Here they spent four hours with us thinking about the Important Stuff for them and planning their own Act 3. 

The format was arrival at 11am and two hours work over coffee, decaffeinated beverages with chocolate biscuits and nuts.

Emerging themes around future work, play, home, money and health plans were laid out on the table between us. Our role was – using the Act 3 Tree – to reflect and challenge them in their thinking, allowing them to accelerate their understanding of what they do and don’t want together and individually.

Future design conversations continued over a rather tasty frittata and salad. Wine was offered, but sparkling water was chosen.

More coffee and decaffeinated beverages with Judy’s honey flapjack kicked off the afternoon session which included ideas of around what needs to stay the same and what to change – when bugs permit.

Departure around 3pm meant they were able to have the drive home together to reflect on the day.

Afterwards they wrote:

“What a wonderful opportunity our coaching day was to stop and reflect and have the space as a couple to really plan and set some wonderful mouth watering goals around how we plan to spend Act 3 of our lives. Adrian and Judy are masters in their coaching field, and are walking their talk. Using the Act 3 tree with it’s root and branches, made the process super clear and easy, and enabled us to see what areas of our lives needed some focus. Tony and I left feeling energised, more connected and excited at a time in our lives post COVID, when recalibrating life and our goals has never felt so important. Such a wise investment of time.  A huge thank you to you both for your time and for creating a safe space to talk and reflect…..I’m going to call it our annual MOT!"

Elaine and Tony Halligan


Why not book in a similar session with us before winter sets in. The diary is filling up and one to one meetings are allowed when workshops are not.

To discuss email us or


Take A Book Off Ted … For A Tenner

As you can imagine we have a box of books here in our store which are not being read nearly fast enough by our dog Ted. He is more interested in chewing over Judy’s best trainers or earphones – or in one recent case a visitor’s iPhone.

If you want to give Act 3 to a friend or family we can post to the UK for £10 including postage. Some people have taken multiple copies to give away.

Ted would be very happy to see the back of them and for you to put a review on Amazon.


Reviews on Amazon, Waterstones, Good Reads … They Work

Like it or loathe it Amazon reviews make the biggest difference to how a book sells nowadays. So if you want to help others get their future sorted in a positive way it’d cost you nothing to put a review or three of our book out there if you haven’t already (and many have, so thank you).

Our target is 100 Amazon reviews by the end of the year. We don’t mind what you write in your review, it can be critical and it can be anonymous if you wish.

Just having reviews really helps. Only today we got this email from a fellow author:

“I finally got round to reading your book and am very grateful to you both for it. It is marvellously coherent and accessible. You've given a great deal of thought not just to content but how to make it meaningful to a huge range of readers. It came at a time when, as a family, we need to give some proper thought to whether we should move home (much though I've loved the past 7 years in Highgate) so that we each (aged 7, 51 and almost 60) can continue to grow and flourish, and when I've been finding a return to work (now S is much more self-sufficient and - as of yesterday - finally back at school) quite a challenge. But last night I hit that button on some freelance/part-time job applications, and can thank you both for giving me the confidence to do that.  

My review on Amazon is under a nom-de-plume.”

To get your copy for £10 (We'll need to add overseas postage but it's no problem, please ask for a quote) just email

With best Back To School* wishes . . .

Adrian & Judy

*As a kid I always took this as a Mean Adult Threat ... Adrian. (Still in therapy)

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