Act3 – The Art Of Growing Older

By Adrian and Judy Reith

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Are You Zoomed Out?

Are You Zoomed Out?  

If you have been, thank you for joining us on our Thursday series of Act3TV Zooms around the themes of Act 3: The Art Of Growing Older. Already at #117,723 on Amazon. (Yeah, we knew you'd be impressed)

If you've been joining us on our weekly sessions we’re chuffed to have you along and the response and comments have been very moving. One person said:

I was surprised at how many of my values have been asleep for too long!

This Thursday 30th April at 8.15pm we shall be discussing Key Relationships. Our guests this week are Malcolm Doney and Liz Curran, both have interesting stories about having important conversations with key people in their lives. To join - please register - click here.

In Future 
We plan one more zoom next week (May 7th) on Health with Professor Richard Vincent who wrote the chapter in the book . . . then a pause.  When we re-start – with more Act 3 themes, we’d like to offer you the chance for you to be coached live on Act3TV on any topic you like (which we’d agree in advance).*

Hang On. Stay With Us. Subscribe
You have been on a long journey with us since 2017, and we couldn't have wished for better support. 

However, now the book is out, if you want to stay with us we need you to subscribe to our Act 3 mailing list. 

You can unsubscribe at anytime with zero guilt – a wasted emotion especially in Act 3.
So, please stay, but if you must go, go with our blessing and thank you.

If You Wish To Be Coached
*If you wish to be coached, either publicly for free on Act3TV please email us and we’ll discuss without obligation.

With our thanks again, &



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