Accordion Books

By Jackie Morris

The first pair in a series of illustrated folding gift books featuring foxes and otters.

Friday, 22 July 2022

Waiting, waiting, waiting

I am hoping to have things to show you soon for The Accordion Books. They are so near to being printed.

These are strange days for me. I am in a basement in Hammersmith with my daughter who had surgery and cannot travel until she has healed some. Or lift a kettle, a pan, make food, shop, make her bed..... It's a curious environment and a worry time. Last night we spent much of the night in A&E Charring Cross, and then I spent quite some time in the street trying to work out how to get a taxi home, having left her ( she is 27) as you cannot stay in A&E unless you are a patient. I don't know how to live in London. Hannah and Henry thought it hilarious that I had to use self checkout in a supermarket for the first time...... Ah well, I can do other things... 

So, hear I am in London, and we have just launched a new crowdfunder. These are the Unwinding Postcards; a box of 100 cards taken from The Unwinding, for writing dreams or wishes, or shopping lists, or thoughts. 

( If you follow my work and have pledged for Feather, Leaf, Bark & Stone and The Unwinding, I am sorry if it feels like spamming, sending these mails, but I need to make the cards as visible as possible to achieve full funding- I love postcards and really want some of these to send.)

The cards and the pledges are here, so follow this link. If you know people who love postcards do tell them about them. If you can't wait, but want postcards NOW, there are The Wild Cards.

And, as I began to say, I hope to have something to show you soon on the Accordion Books. It looks as if they will only be available to subscribers, and in very few bookshops. Technical difficulties with the printing are slowing things up. So, good news, soon.

Daughter home from hospital. We are settling in to a quiet evening. On twitter every day I am giving away a card to someone who shares my tweet and leaves a comment. Take a look to see if you wish to join. You don't have to buy anything to enter this, you only need to leave a comment and you can do that every day if you wish.... winner is chosen by random number selection. Below are samples of some o fthe cards I have been sending...... made with gold leaf on khadi paper.

Thanks for reading. 

I am excited to see how the Accordion Books will look, but so tired by the things life is throwing my way.


Oh, and for your ears, there is a prom on Saturday on BBC Radio 3 with Spellsongs. I will be listening.

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Cathy Gilman
 Cathy Gilman says:

I'm sitting in my office in Hammersmith and your email arrived. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's health and can only imagine the bombardment on your senses and state when you need nature more than ever. If you'd like a friendly ear, cup of tea or directions to nature surprisingly nearby do just let me know, there is humanity in Hammersmith I promise and people who love you xx

posted 25th July 2022

Lisa Quattromini
 Lisa Quattromini says:

Dear Jackie, I'm sending love and all the best wishes I can find to you and your family. Children never stop being your children - my daughter, Rosie, is 28 and will be starting a new job in a couple of weeks. She lives in London now, we are still in Norwich. Last night I had the most awful nightmare that I was driving away from her flat and leaving her there alone as she had to start a new school and that she was only 8 years old! How would she cope making her own dinners? I was in such a panic when I woke for the seconds it took me to realise she was NOT 8, certainly not alone with her lovely boyfriend, and starting an exciting new job not school! We are lucky to have them to love and care for xx

posted 25th July 2022

Jackie Morris
 Jackie Morris says:

Thanks Cathy. It's really not a bad place to find oneself. Had coffee in the Coffee House in Brackenbury Village, and been taking stuff to the menders and the laundrette. Just very different life style. Everyone has been very friendly. I left a stone on the windowsill of Henry Moore's studio nearby and it was there until yesterday..... a long time without notice.
Off signing books at the end of the week... fascinated that it is possible to get just about most things delivered.

posted 25th July 2022

Cathy Gilman
 Cathy Gilman says:

Good to hear you've adapted, it really is quite a community although very different from rural ones!! xx

posted 25th July 2022

Pen Thompson
 Pen Thompson says:

Dear Jackie , I do hope Hannah is improving , and ultimately goes from strength to strength. I’ve signed up for the cards again. What a wonder . Just to let you know, my latest grandchild ,Sofia, (5weeks) was christened today and I took your “Wild cards “ to the family gathering and offered everyone to choose a card and write a message for Sofia . They did, and I was able to give a lovely pile of cards to her loving parents ( my eldest and his wife ), with wishes for her future. Thank you for your relentless hard work and creativity . Oh and “Lord of the Forest “ ( Tiger ) and cards arrived this weekend - what a beauty! Can’t wait to share it with Finn(3) . Take care . Pen

posted 25th July 2022

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