Accordion Books

By Jackie Morris

The first pair in a series of illustrated folding gift books featuring foxes and otters.

Wednesday, 28 June 2023

New Accordion Books.

I hope by noweveryone who pledged has received their Accordion otters and foxes. They are for sale in bookshops, and I have seen them on display in so many shops and this is all down to you and your support at the very beginning. 

Today sees the launch of the next two in the series, Hare and Hound. ( It is Tamsin Abbott's birthday today, the illustrator of Wild Folk, so seems a good day to begin, and she loves both hares and Ivy) 

So, if you want to be early in supporting Hare and Hound, then here is the link. There are a few different levels and options. And I have remembered that I still have people's fox prints here, so will get those to Unbound for pledge fulfilment and SO sorry not to have done this before.

Hares are all painted, ready to go. The artwork will be on show in Rheged arts centre and these two books will launch with Rheged on midsummer's day next year. I have to complete the writing by September and also the hounds..... I think ther emay be drawings in these also, on the side where the words are.... maybe.... Anyway, here's the link, and thank you for your continued support for my work. Hare & Hound.


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Carolyn Smith
 Carolyn Smith says:

Your paintings and your words touch deep in my heart. I know so well those special feelings you have for Ivy. So wonderful and at the same time so painful to remember. Obviously you love all animals, but some seem destined for us, don't they? I look forward to the images of your beautiful friend.

posted 28th June 2023

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