Accordion Books: Hound

By Jackie Morris

The much-awaited next instalment of folding gift books from the stunning Accordion book series.

Illustrated | Nature
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Hound & Postcards

An Accordion folding hound book plus seven art postcards featuring hound paintings.
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Hare & Hound

Two of the newest Accordion books: Hare & Hound.
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Two Hound Accordion Books

Two eight panelled folding books featuring painted hounds.
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Hound & Unwinding Cards

The Hound Accordion Book and an illustrated box of a hundred postcards inspired by Jackie Morris's The Unwinding.
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Hare & Hound Postcards

Both of the newest Accordion folding books (Hare & Hound), plus fourteen art postcards featuring hare and hound paintings.
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Accordion Books (4 books)

Get the whole series to date: Fox, Otter, Hound & Hare.
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Five Hound Accordion Books

Five eight panelled folding books featuring painted hounds.
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Jackie Morris Bundle

Accordion Pack of four books (Fox, Otter, Hound and Hare) plus The Unwinding; The Unwinding Cards; Feather, Leaf, Bark & Stone; The Wild Swans; East of the Sun, West of the Moon; 14 x Hare & Hound postcards.
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$440  + shipping

Original Hound Drawing

A sketch of a hound by Jackie Morris, drawn in pencil and postcard sized. There are only 7 of these available and each drawing will be different as they are original art pieces.


  • Accordion Hound Book
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"The hound book would always have been a celebration of my beautiful companion, Ivy, a Bedlington Whippet cross, an elegant goddess of a hound. Now it has become more than that. She died a few weeks ago so the drawings, and then the paintings are made from memories, from photographs. Someone once said that grief is love with nowhere left to go. I am pouring my grief into this celebration of her life. To have shared some of my days with her has been a privilege. And I guess this book is for anyone who has ever loved and lost, for in spite of the pain of loss, the joy of life remains greater and creative grieving really helps the soul to come to terms with the loss."

An Accordion Book doesn’t open, it unfolds.

One side is filled with beautiful watercolour images of an animal: sometimes in motion, sometimes at rest. The other is filled with text – poems, descriptions, invocations – inspired by the same animal.

Together they work as spells to summon the animal’s spirit.

Jackie Morris has painted these beautiful hounds with her favourite sumi stick on clayboard.

Fox and Otter were the first two Accordions in a series that now includes these absolutely stunning sequels: Hare and Hound.

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