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Struggling to come to terms with being an adult? ABC for adults can help!

Children’s ABC books in the 1970s taught us about a warm and innocent world through wonderful hand-painted imagery of animals, toys and quaint household objects. Unfortunately, we all grew up and became paranoid, cynical adults filled with fear and hatred. But don’t despair, this new book will help guide you and your family through this difficult phase of your existence. It parodies the classic ABC books from yesteryear, twisting the meaning of innocent childlike words into hysterically funny yet terrifying adult themes. Each page is beautifully illustrated by award winning artist Toby Leigh in the exact same whimsical style as the original children’s books from the 1970s.

Should you decide to purchase ABC for adults, it is recommended that you read and practice the words in the book as often as possible in order to nurture a well-formed pessimistic and angry outlook.

Toby Leigh is an award-winning illustrator and artist with an eye for the peculiar. He is a regular contributor to publications such as the Guardian, The Times, the Independent, Esquire, Empire and Time Out. In 2016 he published his first book Berberry, a collection of over one hundred photographs chronicling the global obsession with fake Burberry items. Toby spent over a decade obsessively trawling the streets documenting everything from mass-produced clothes to birthday cakes, cars, tattoos, wheelchairs, iPhone covers, toilet seats and even whole apartment blocks all hilariously clad in the famous tartan. In 2014 he curated and exhibited in YOU'RE SH*T ARRRGH! the Football vs Art exhibition that coincided with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. His somewhat controversial and anarchic 'Olympic' tote bags he created with accessories designer Elaine Burke to coincide with London 2012 were featured extensively across the world's media and were recently taken into the permanent collection at the V&A. He is currently in the process of rebuilding an exact replica of his local childhood video shop from 1986 in a gallery space with the help of his brother, filmmaker Leo Leigh, and the original owner of Nick's Video Shop, an old Cypriot gentleman called Nick Demetriou.

Creative Boom article

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A big thank to everyone who has pledged so far. Still a fair way to go, so would be great if everyone could share the project with as many people as they can, and help more confused adults come to terms with their existence. 

Creative Boom have written a nice piece about the project. Take a look here:…

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