A Thing of the Moment is now fully funded.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Dear friends and supporters

A Thing of the Moment is now fully funded.  A heartfelt Thank you.  

I am as touched by friends who have proved their kindness and given me their support as I am pleased by strangers who, by their pledging, have indicated that they see something of value in my synopsis and in the excerpts I posted.

In either case, thank you!  Thank you for having pledged, for having encouraged others to pledge and so enabled this project to move to the next stage. 

I must admit to being relieved that this - the crowd funding - stage is over - no more looking at the supporters’ page or my "author's dashboard" every hour to see if any new pledges have come in!  

As for the next stage, I’ll be meeting with the team at Unbound soon and I expect that I will let you know in January what I learn in terms of their anticipated schedule for development (or structural) editing, copy editing, proof editing, cover design, publicity and printing. 

Again, thank you, thank you not just for your financial contribution but for your messages of support, your encouragement, your engagement with my book and your spreading the word.   

Quite literally, this project would not be happening without you.  Thank you!

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Dido Crosby
Dido Crosby says:

HOORAY! Fantastic, well done xxx

December 19, 2016

Anna Best
Anna Best says:

Brilliant news, we're both very pleased xx

December 19, 2016

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