The Mighty Hundred

Friday, 9 June 2017

Barely two weeks ago ago we opened pre-orders for the first A Small Fiction book. In that time, over one hundred people have already stepped forward to support A Small Fiction and claim a copy of their own, raising over a third of the printing costs of the book. That's you guys. You did that!

A third, in just fourteen days, thanks to you. That's pretty incredible for just a hundred people. We picture you as the first brave pioneers or an elite group of statuesque warriors. (Are you Amazons? We kind of think you might be.)

So now when we look ahead to the publication of the book, and the two-thirds of our goal remaining before we get there, we don't wonder if we will reach it. We wonder how fast we can get there.

And if you're up for it, we'd love it if you'd help lead the way.

A Small Fiction was built on people sharing the stories they liked with their friends. Those friends became readers, who shared it forward, and on and on. So if you know a person or two who would like this book, please share the link with them and let them know. This elite squad of one hundred story lovers could become two, and then three, and who knows where it could go. There could be ten thousand of us, before the end, all sharing this book together.


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Publication date: October 2018
190% funded
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